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Holt Group September 2022 Round up

A lot of good things have happened within the Holt Recruitment Group since our last News Post so it’s about time we posted an update! From Employee of the Month to Dog of the Month (careful not to mix the photographs up!) as well as New starters, a Charity Rally and an exciting Recruitment Open Day coming up.

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The After Eight Challenge

As you know over here at the Holt Recruitment Group we do Dress Down Friday’s, and those are never quite complete unless it involves a little challenge…

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10 Quick Interview Tips

The first 30 seconds of a job interview is the most important – so if you want to be a cut above the rest you need to be on the ball. We have gathered 10 Tips for Interview success so that you can finally get your dream role.

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Best Video Bloopers! | July 2019

Our absolute favourite video bloopers from the last 6 months! Although devastatingly handsome and certainly not lacking on-screen charisma, the videos don’t always come together as effortlessly as it might seem.

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The Ice Cold Challenge

We decided on Friday (being a casual day here at #HoltHQ), it was probably a good opportunity to hit the team up with a little #HoltChallenge. This time we went “Ice Cold”!

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The Bring Sally Up Challenge

Holt Challenge: Casual Friday’s at HoltHQ is basically like begging us to do a Challenge! Today, it’s the “Bring Sally Up” push up edition.

Let’s see how they got on!

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The Bad Jokes Challenge

We recently decided to set Ross and Nathan against each other for a little” Bad Joke” challenge. The goal? Simple, you are not allowed to laugh and if you do, the other team get’s a point.

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Holt Badgers at Camp Wildfire 2018

Last year (2018) we had the opportunity to go to Camp Wildfire as a group – a little team building and bonding if you like! What a cracking weekend!

The video above pretty much sums it up, take a look…

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