Welcome to the Recruitment Word of the Week

We’re not saying that Recruiters are Dinosaurs – well, not all of them, but sometimes we all need a bit of Schooling in the latest methods and terminology. Just for fun, we will be adding a new word a week that relates to us Recruiting with aim of keeping you up to date with the modern lingo and how to use it to impress the younger Candidates!

A new word will be added each week – remember, it’s just for fun!


noun [bred-kruhm-ing]
When a Candidate gives just enough information, time and effort to make you think that they are genuinely interested in a position.
I genuinely though she was interested in the Role, but it turns out she was just breadcrumbing me until a better position came up. Now she is Airing me.


noun [air-ing]
To intentionally ignore or not answer someone after previous contact

The Candidate has failed to turn up on his start date – now he is airing my emails and texts. 




noun [ɡeɪtˌkiːpɪŋ]
The act of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something precious or hard to find, for one’s own gain.
Recruiters keep their Candidate’s details away from the Client whilst simultaneously keeping the Client’s details from the Candidates to protect their fee. They are the ultimate gate-keepers.


noun [katˌfiʃːɪŋ]
The phenomenon of fabricating an internet presence and entire social circles to trick people into emotional / romantic / business relationships.
The Candidate had lied about their experience and work history – we were basically catfished into giving them an interview. 

quiet quitting

noun [kwahy-itˌkwit-ing]
The practise of putting no more effort into your job than is required under your Employment Contract. A quiet quitter will no longer work through lunch and will leave exactly on time.
I’m quiet quitting after spending so many nights working overtime without pay. At least I will have more time to look for another job..

hush trip

noun [hushˌtrip]
When remote workers don’t inform their bosses that they are going to a new destination, even if it’s a tropical island or a know tourist location.
Pete’s Zoom background disappeared for a second revealing that he wasn’t at home – he was on a hush trip to the beach. 


noun [ree.tuhnˌship]
A paid internship for workers who have stepped away from their careers for a few years or who are transitioning to new occupations.
A lack of quality graduates has seen a rise in paid Returnships aimed at qualified retirees.


noun [bleh.zhuh]
A portmanteau of Business and Leisure – combining a work trip with an extended vacation before, during or after the work event.
With more people working remotely and a surge of people starting to travel again, Bleisure has seen a tremendous growth in recent months. 

job cuffing

noun [job kuh.fuhn]
The practise of settling quickly into a new role during the Winter months then searching for a new opportunity in the Spring.
Zoe’s lack of success with finding her dream job meant she found herself job cuffing while she continued her search.

rage applying

verb [rayj uh-plahy-ing]
Rage-applying means channelling your anger at your work or boss towards applying to multiple jobs at the same time when you are dissatisfied with your current one.
Far from solving his job dissatisfaction, Tom was regretting Rage Applying at the first sign of trouble as the next job was worse.