Coronation Street Party and Bake Off

For the Kings Coronation on the 6th May 2023 Holt Recruitment held a Coronation Street Party and Coronation Bake Off with a difference!  For a start, our “Street Party” was held INSIDE! We weren’t taking any chances with the good old British Weather and it was just as well considering the rain we had on the day.

We love an excuse for a Celebration here at Holt Recruitment Group – and if we can add a Office Competition into the mix then even better. The night before the Coronation Street Party, the Holt Recruitment Elves where hard at work creating some delicious Coronation themed delights for judging, and more importantly, eating at the Street Party.

Our Elves cooked up some food fit for a King including Home-made Scones (Cream first, then Jam!) Victoria Sponge, Sausage Roll, Brownies, Marble Cakes, Cup Cakes and a Coronation Chicken Pie. Obviously we had to try a piece of each for the Bake off taste test!



The Bake Off had just two Categories – Taste and Presentation. After The Coronation Street Party and after all of the lovely food was heartily consumed, everybody voted for their favourites and the results were counted.

And the winner is…


First place Tie between Kevin’s Coronation Chicken Pie and Chelsea’s Cup Cakes
Second place Tie between Clotted Cream Scones and Alison’s Marshmallow Cupcakes
Third Place Sarah’s Commonwealth Cookies


First place Kevin’s Coronation Chicken Pie
Second place Liam’s Victoria Sponge Cake
Third Place Tie between Karen’s Sausage Roll and Chelsea’s Cupcakes.

The UK has a long history of organised street parties to celebrate national events. Coronation Street Parties were held right across the Coronation weekend, or as part of the Coronation Big Lunches. From community celebrations and Coronation Big Lunches to official screening sites, music performances and volunteering opportunities for the Big Help Out, lots of people got involved over the Coronation weekend and Holt Recruitment Group were no different.

We all had individual Street Parties and Celebrations but we love it even more when we can all come together as the Holt Family and celebrate together.


Holt Recruitment Group Coronation Street Party
Holt Recruitment Group Coronation Street Party FoodHolt Recruitment Group in Red White and Blue

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