Recruitment Versus Headhunting – what’s the difference

Headhunting Recruitment V Headhunting – what’s the difference? Headhunting is one of the many specialist services that we offer here are Holt Recruitment. Sometimes the perfect candidate isn’t even aware that there is a better position waiting for them – our job is to find them and convince them that the grass is greener with […]

Holt Group September 2022 Round up

A lot of good things have happened within the Holt Recruitment Group since our last News Post so it’s about time we posted an update! From Employee of the Month to Dog of the Month (careful not to mix the photographs up!) as well as New starters, a Charity Rally and an exciting Recruitment Open Day coming up.

How to Make Your Work Place Safer During COVID-19

Besides washing your hands, what else can you do to help keep your staff healthy and your business moving forward? Well, we’ve shared a few ideas below. Hopefully, you’ll find one or all of them useful. Here we go!

7 Questions You Should Be Asking In An Interview

Interviews are designed to do just one thing: identify the best possible candidate for the advertised job. Sometimes it may feel that the questions are there to deliberately catch you out, so, we are here to help…

Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Today we look at why it might be worth working with a specialist recruitment agency, instead of taking on your recruitment needs yourself. Let’s have a look…

The After Eight Challenge

As you know over here at the Holt Recruitment Group we do Dress Down Friday’s, and those are never quite complete unless it involves a little challenge…