Why Use a Recruitment Agency?


Today we look at why it might be worth working with a specialist recruitment agency, instead of taking on your recruitment needs yourself. Let’s have a look…

The Ability to Find and Identify the Best Talent

Placing a job ad and waiting for candidates to come to you simply isn’t enough anymore. The ‘ideal candidate’ is often one who is not actively looking for a new job.

Due to in-depth CRM systems, recruitment agencies often have an extensive talent pool to draw from and can find people who would be open to a new role if the right opportunity presented itself.

Less Time Consuming

Let’s assume for a second you’ve had a really good response, everyone and their uncle applied for the job you advertised. Sieving through CV’s can be extremely time-consuming. A good recruitment agency has resources and consultants specifically for that – it’s literally their job to do that for you and narrow candidates down to a pool of people who not only have the skills and experience you require but who would also be a great fit for your business and company culture.

Secondly, as mentioned above, often the best candidates are what we would call ‘passive’. They aren’t out there applying for jobs, but they are certainly open to it. The problem is you need to find them, this might mean ‘headhunting’ someone through a social platform or as we said earlier, approach someone in the database who already registered. Both of those, as you can imagine, is also extremely time-consuming.

The point is, an agency is there to do all the leg work so you don’t have too. And if the agency is any good, they will only put forward the very best candidates for the job. Once you’ve decided who you’d like to meet the consultant will make all the interview arrangements, all you have to do is take part in is the interview process.

Sector Expertise

Consultants are experts at filtering and profiling candidates, they do this day in and day out. An in-house recruitment team may not have the same level of industry experience as consultants within a specialist recruitment agency.

For example, Holt Automotive is made up of consultants with direct experience in the automotive sector. Many of them used to be sales executives or automotive technicians themselves. Meaning they have a unique understanding of their clients and candidates requirements.

Negotiating Salaries

Recruiters are experts at managing expectations and negotiating salary packages. They can tell you exactly what a realistic package for your industry and area should look like to help you attract the best talent.

Ultimately the goal is that both parties feel comfortable and confident in their decision to join your business.

Ultimately the goal is that you as the employer feel that you are adding a valuable asset to your team and that the candidate feels comfortable and confident about their decision to join your business.

Convenience and Ease

Recruitment agencies are there to make the process easier for you. From finding the perfect people to preparing candidates for interviews, the recruitment agency is there to make the whole hiring process easier for you.

So, there we go, there is no need for employers to go at it alone, agencies are always happy to help… let them.


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