Holt “Row Around Great Britain” Challenge | Rowing to support Margaret Green Animal Rescue


It’s time for the annual Holt Charity Challenge! This year we took a team vote and decided to commit to a whopping 2000+ mile “Row Around Great Britain” in support of Dorset and Devon based Margaret Green Animal Rescue!

UPDATED: Campaign Week Highlights!

Our master plan? Well, certain glad you asked! We can’t be trusted in boats so we are doing the distance on 6 indoor rowers lined up here in our Bournemouth offices. Each rower will have a rotating team, with each member of the team rowing on average for 10 minutes every hour. To cover the distance we will need to row continuously for 9 hours a day over a 5 day period (March 7th – 11th), with each individual having to cover around 70 miles over the course of the week!. Meanwhile, we’ll be working as normal each day between rows and continue to smash it out on the recruitment front!

So how do you get involved? You can SUPPORT OUR CAUSE ON JUST GIVING AT: https://bit.ly/3BiUujp

Any donation, big or small can make a difference and goes a long way to support the wonderful team at Margaret Green Animal Rescue in their work to RESCUE, PROVIDE MEDICAL CARE, FEED AND REHOME animals in need.

Let the countdown begin! Find out more about Margaret Green Animal Rescue here!


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