Holt Insights: Declining the Counter Offer


You balance up the pros and cons of leaving your present job to go to a new company who will help you progress, offer you a more sustainable salary package and more benefits.

Finally you decide to hand in your letter of resignation and your boss comes back to you with an attractive counter offer, now what do you do?

Think about the reasons why you were looking for a new job in the first place. What made you so unhappy about working in your current employment?

In the video below Paul talks through some of the problems with a counter offer, and why you should really think it through before accepting. Let’s take a look…

We have just a few reasons why you shouldn’t be accepting these counter offers, have a read!

4 Reasons NEVER to accept a counteroffer:

  1. In our experience, almost 90% of all potential candidates who come to us to find a new role, regret accepting a counter-offer from their original employer and as a result, are no longer with that employer after 1 year.

  2. Regardless increased salary from your original employer, the same issues that caused you to be dissatisfied in the workplace before your pay rise are still going to be there.

  3. You’ve already shown a degree of disloyalty to your current company and your superiors are likely to keep this in mind when it comes to future raises, promotions and incentives, etc.

  4. If the company hits a rough patch with budget cuts and redundancies are necessary, it’s likely that you would be one of the first to go. After all, you’ve threatened to leave once before.

About Paul Jacobs: Former MD of Office Angels and main Board Director of Adecco UK & Ireland, founder / MD at LoveWorkLife Consulting and currently (we are very happy to say) COO here at our very own Holt Recruitment Group – in other words, he really knows his stuff!


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