The Great Unretirement – what does it mean for Recruitment?

The great Unretirement

What does the great “Unretirement” mean for Recruitment? COVID gave a large number of 50 to 64 year olds a sight of just how green the grass is on the other side of the retirement fence. Many older workers liked what they saw and took the opportunity to opt out of employment – not because […]

How to Make Your Work Place Safer During COVID-19

Besides washing your hands, what else can you do to help keep your staff healthy and your business moving forward? Well, we’ve shared a few ideas below. Hopefully, you’ll find one or all of them useful. Here we go!

Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Today we look at why it might be worth working with a specialist recruitment agency, instead of taking on your recruitment needs yourself. Let’s have a look…

Holt Insights: Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

It’s not just about the company/business interviewing YOU. In many ways, you are also interviewing THEM to see if you’d like to work there if it’s a good fit. Let’s take a look…