How to Make Your Work Place Safer During COVID-19

Besides washing your hands, what else can you do to help keep your staff healthy and your business moving forward? Well, we’ve shared a few ideas below. Hopefully, you’ll find one or all of them useful. Here we go!

The After Eight Challenge

As you know over here at the Holt Recruitment Group we do Dress Down Friday’s, and those are never quite complete unless it involves a little challenge…

The Ice Cold Challenge

We decided on Friday (being a casual day here at #HoltHQ), it was probably a good opportunity to hit the team up with a little #HoltChallenge. This time we went “Ice Cold”!

Holt Badgers at Camp Wildfire 2018

Last year (2018) we had the opportunity to go to Camp Wildfire as a group – a little team building and bonding if you like! What a cracking weekend!

The video above pretty much sums it up, take a look…

Holt Insights: Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

It’s not just about the company/business interviewing YOU. In many ways, you are also interviewing THEM to see if you’d like to work there if it’s a good fit. Let’s take a look…